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Choose the correct answer. Only one of the four answers is correct.

1. Where is your father? He's still _________ work.
a) in
b) about
c) at
d) to

2. (Teacher to class) Remember __________ your dictionary to class tomorrow.
a) take
b) bring
c) to take
d) to bring

3. You _________ pay for the service. It's free.
a) can't
b) shouldn't
c) mustn't
d) needn't

4. Whose is this bag? It's ________ .
a) my
b) mine
c) me
d) myself

5. Which of these sentences is correct?
a) How many languages speak you?
b) How many languages do you speak?
c) How many languages does you speak?
d) How many languages you speak?

6. Which of these sentences is correct?
a) She told me her news.
b) She talked me her news.
c) She said me the news.
d) She spoke me the news.

7. What's your boyfriend like? He _________________ .
a) likes playing tennis.
b) likes play tennis.
c) is very well.
d) is very nice.

8. What time ______________ on Thursdays?
a) do you get up
b) do you getting up
c) are you getting up
d) are you get up

9. Can I _________ your pen?
a) borrowing
b) lend
c) borrow
d) lent

10. I've read _________ English books.
a) little
b) much
c) the more
d) a lot of

11. You bought a new car last year, __________ ?
a) isn't it
b) didn't you
c) don't you
d) did you

12. Where's Bill? He's __________ to the post office.
a) come
b) gone
c) been
d) left

13. It's very hot today. _____________ something to drink?
a) Do you like
b) Should you like
c) Would you like
d) Want you

14. ______________ home now because it's late.
a) I go
b) I'm go
c) I goes
d) I'm going

15. I've been waiting here __________ five hours.
a) since
b) yet
c) still
d) for

16. We arrived _________ the Heathrow airport at 10.30.
a) at
b) in
c) to
d) for

17. I'm tired because __________________ in the park.
a) I run
b) I've run
c) I've been running
d) I'd been running

18. I took my umbrella ______________ get wet.
a) to don't
b) for to not
c) so as not to
d) so I not

19. Who will look after your dog while you __________ on holiday.
a) be
b) will be
c) would be
d) are

20. I'm looking forward ___________ you next week.
a) to seeing
b) to see
c) to having seen
d) seeing

21. My parents make me __________ the piano every day. I hate it.
a) playing
b) to play
c) play
d) have played

22. You should ___________ here three hours ago.
a) have been
b) be
c) being
d) to be

23. When I got back to my hotel room, I found my money _____________ .
a) was stolen
b) had been stolen
c) was stealing
d) has been stolen

24. He __________ asleep in the middle of the concert.
a) feel
b) felt
c) fallen
d) fell

25. The boss is very busy so please don't disturb him __________ it's urgent.
a) since
b) until
c) while
d) unless

26. Turn _________ the music. It's too loud.
a) back
b) up
c) down
d) round

27. After going to several interviews, I eventually succeeded _____________ the job.
a) to get
b) getting
c) in getting
d) for getting

28. If it had happened last year, it _______________ much worse.
a) would be
b) would been
c) had been
d) would have been

29. The security guard noticed the broken window while he _______________ round the building.
a) had been walking
b) had walked
c) was walking
d) walked

30. ______________ incorrect.
a) These informations are
b) This information is
c) These information are
d) These pieces of informations are

31. They ___________ everything before we get there if we don't hurry.
a) will have sold
b) have sold
c) will be sell
d) sell

32. How do you ___________ with your mother-in-law?
a) make up
b) put along
c) get on
d) take through

33. He stopped _________________ his cigarette.
a) speaking to light
b) to speak to light
c) speaking to lighting
d) speak to lighting

34. You ____________ pass the exam.
a) are probably
b) will likely
c) will sure to
d) are likely to

35. The police _______________ here since nine o'clock.
a) are waiting
b) have been waiting
c) has been waiting
d) wait

36. Can I invite you to dinner? I'm making my favourite ___________ tonight.
a) food
b) dish
c) meal
d) eat

37. ___________ the weather is terrible, tourist keep coming here.
a) In spite of
b) Despite
c) Although
d) Since

38. What would you do if you ____________ some money in the street.
a) find
b) found
c) finded
d) founded

39. I've decided to ____________ smoking.
a) give back
b) get away
c) give up
d) take down

40. The carpet needs ____________ .
a) cleaning
b) clearing
c) to clean
d) to clear

41. Why do you look different? Because _____________ .
a) my hair was done cut
b) I've had my hair cut
c) I've made my hair to be cut
d) my hair cut

42. I wish she ____________ me her phone number before she left.
a) would have given
b) would give
c) gave
d) had given

43. He wanted to know where _________________ .
a) is his car
b) his car is
c) his car was
d) was his car

44. They are looking for a secretary ___________ mother tongue is English.
a) which
b) whose
c) who
d) that

45. Are they honest and active? No, they are ______________ .
a) dishonest and inactive
b) unhonest and unactive
c) inhonest and disactive
d) inhonest and inactive

46. The temperature is 15 degrees __________ zero.
a) below
b) beneath
c) under
d) underneath

47. The criminal __________ the country.
a) flew
b) flee
c) flies
d) fled

48. Could we put the meeting _________ until next Wednesday?
a) up
b) away
c) on
d) off

49. The book is certainly ________________ .
a) worth to read
b) worth reading
c) worthwhile reading
d) good for read

50. (Doctor to patient) Don't worry, you'll be all right _______ Saturday.
a) till
b) by
c) to
d) up

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